wget behind a proxy server with authentication

wget behind a proxy server with authentication

Recently we implemented proxy authentication and lot  some amount of  content filtering at my college. Several people   here are using wget as the download manager. Here is  how you make wget work behind the proxy.

sunil@debianserver:~$ export http_proxy=

( Replace with your proxy ip and port).

You can specify the proxy user name and password on command line as below.

wget –proxy-user “yourusername” –proxy-passwd=”xxxxxxx”   URL

If you are tired of typing the above  everytime you login, make an alias entry in ~/.bashrc

 alias wget='wget --proxy-user "yourusername" --proxy-passwd="xxxxxx"'

The export_proxy line can also be put into .bashrc .
  This is a potential security risk as any one can read your .bashrc ( the default .bashrc  permission is rrw-r--r--) is  or  he can look for your process  id in the  /proc
directory and find out the command line arguments.

My Visit to KITE Colleges

  During my stay in Hyderabad , I had the opportunity to visit  a wonderful institute  named  kite colleges. It is,  in fact, two colleges situated in same campus. The colleges started functioning this year.  At present only first year classes are going on.  They are located approximately 60km from Hyderabad  in the Ranga Reddy district.

022520092816 022520092830          

The college is  amazing in many ways given the quality  of teaching and infrastructure in most of the   private/government colleges in India. First of all, the management seems to have a vision  on the future of the colleges and seems to be committed to implementing  it. Secondly, they have invested  lot of capital to fulfil the vision,

When I visited the college, at the instance of  Mr. Ramesh  who is aptly designated as the technology officer of the college, I was expecting a normal college with all the  gimmicks to attract parents. When I was shown the facilities  I was rather wonderstruck.


  All  the class rooms are world class with modern furniture and  equipped with projectors. The computer center has lots of Dell  machines ( which Ramesh says is of industrial quality) The computer center is so well designed  and will be a  neighbors envy.

On the electronics front they have several Agilent DSOs ( we have only one :(  ) and most of the other equipments  imported. The furniture at  electronics lab is also worth mention.

022520092808 022520092825

The college is at present powered with two 2 MBPS lines. They have a blade server with 6 blades which runs a variety of services.

   What impressed me most was the methodology of teaching.:- learning by doing.  It was most evident in their IT workshop where you can learn a lot of thing by actually doing it. I  believe that  this is the right methodology to learn anything.

The college runs some BPO services which enables students to work and pay for their fees like in western countries. Students manage canteen , gardening  and lot of other services.

022520092802 022520092822

The institution is only in its first year. The vision of management in building up a world class institution   seems to be working.  I don’t know whether the  present structure and activities will scale up when it becomes a full fledged college.

  The students are all accommodated in the campus. I have not spoken to any students during my visit ( which I should have ). I would like to hear how the students and faculty find this innovative institution. 

Learning device drivers

I wrote this charater device driver for learning how they work.This is actually an assignment that we got today. .  Prof. TS Reddy  from JNTU helped me to debug the code.  I am planning to make a tutorial on it once I reach home. The course is becoming more and more exciting.  The internet access is very limited now. I will update when I have net access and free time.

Generating number sequences in shell scripts

I learned this technique from a fellow participant .

$ yes |nl |head -100 |cut -f1

You can remove the  new lines as below.

$  yes |nl |head -100 | cut -f1| tr ‘\n’ ‘\t’


Otherwise, my course is progressing well. I wrote a simple file transfer daemon and implemented  the client..  Now, I have to do the same with pthreads and non blocking calls.  We had the first glimpse of kernel programming today when some kernel data structures for process and memory managment was iintroduced. I have to read  a lot to get the exact picture.

Update from prepare future

It was pretty heavy work for 2 days.  Yesterday, I was taught about file io and  related system calls followed by environment variables ,  things like parsing command lines etc. I could not finish all the exercises as I went out to see the city. Took a local bus tio HiTech city and then caught an MMTS train and went to Necklace road.  Wandered around tank bund and returned back to JNTU around 10pm. Today, I came early and finished the exercises.

IPC mechanism  were discussed in the morning.  It was followed by an inspirational talk from Venkatesh Choppella from IITM-K Trivandrum on network security from the perspective of software engineering.  Some of my classmates are getting baffled by the exercises and skipping them as there is no compulsion.  Hope I will hold on till the end.  One good thing is that they have restricted Internet from 18.00 to 19.00. :D.  Internet keeps your mind wondering ;I can testify it now. No wonder people invented complex gizmo’s before Internet.

Here there is an Internal portal named E-Sikshak through which they are trying to deliver content, but it seems to malfunction every now and then.  I got this document while exploring E -Sikshak It was in MS Word format and I converted it to a pdf.