My Visit to KITE Colleges

  During my stay in Hyderabad , I had the opportunity to visit  a wonderful institute  named  kite colleges. It is,  in fact, two colleges situated in same campus. The colleges started functioning this year.  At present only first year classes are going on.  They are located approximately 60km from Hyderabad  in the Ranga Reddy… Continue reading My Visit to KITE Colleges

Learning Pthreads

I am beginning to enjoy the Prepare Future program on Linux internal and   driver development. Today’s class was about pthreads. I had some prior experience on pthreads library while at CUSAT.   It was refreshed today. Pthreads is a user space library for  manipulating threads. Here is what we did today.  First we wrote a small… Continue reading Learning Pthreads

At JNTU Hyderabad for Prepare Future

I am presently attending a 2 weeks training program  conducted by  CDAC Hyderabad  at JNTU. This  is 2 weeks faculty updation program named Prepare future. I am attending Linux internals and driver development under system software track. The course syllabus looks pretty impressive as given below. Introduction to Linux System Programming Linux Architecture Linux Shell… Continue reading At JNTU Hyderabad for Prepare Future

How to become a certified (Pseudo) Free software Activist

My recent posts on the state of free software in Kerala,  have drawn flak from several pseudo free software activists.  Some of them have even called me an agent of Microsoft.  I think this post is going to generate some more heat and the pun is intentional. Recently Kerala State IT mission and  C-DIT have… Continue reading How to become a certified (Pseudo) Free software Activist