wget behind a proxy server with authentication

Recently we implemented proxy authentication and lot  some amount of  content filtering at my college. Several people   here are using wget as the download manager. Here is  how you make wget work behind the proxy.

sunil@debianserver:~$ export http_proxy=

( Replace with your proxy ip and port).

You can specify the proxy user name and password on command line as below.

wget –proxy-user “yourusername” –proxy-passwd=”xxxxxxx”   URL

If you are tired of typing the above  everytime you login, make an alias entry in ~/.bashrc

 alias wget='wget --proxy-user "yourusername" --proxy-passwd="xxxxxx"'

The export_proxy line can also be put into .bashrc .
  This is a potential security risk as any one can read your .bashrc ( the default .bashrc  permission is rrw-r--r--) is  or  he can look for your process  id in the  /proc
directory and find out the command line arguments.