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Update from prepare future

February 20th, 2009

It was pretty heavy work for 2 days.  Yesterday, I was taught about file io and  related system calls followed by environment variables ,  things like parsing command lines etc. I could not finish all the exercises as I went out to see the city. Took a local bus tio HiTech city and then caught an MMTS train and went to Necklace road.  Wandered around tank bund and returned back to JNTU around 10pm. Today, I came early and finished the exercises.

IPC mechanism  were discussed in the morning.  It was followed by an inspirational talk from Venkatesh Choppella from IITM-K Trivandrum on network security from the perspective of software engineering.  Some of my classmates are getting baffled by the exercises and skipping them as there is no compulsion.  Hope I will hold on till the end.  One good thing is that they have restricted Internet from 18.00 to 19.00. :D.  Internet keeps your mind wondering ;I can testify it now. No wonder people invented complex gizmo’s before Internet.

Here there is an Internal portal named E-Sikshak through which they are trying to deliver content, but it seems to malfunction every now and then.  I got this document while exploring E -Sikshak It was in MS Word format and I converted it to a pdf.

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