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Mohanam and Bhoopali

May 4th, 2009
Mohanam and Bhoopali

Mohanam and Bhoopali

My summer vacation has just started and I am trying  my hands on several things.. This morning while searching for some components in my junk box, some old audio cassettes came out. In fact, I had a collection of around 200 rare cassettes in the 90s. Most of  them are useless now.

One of the cassettes that came  out was a Jugalbandi recital from Dr. Blamuralikrishna and Pt.Hariprasad Chaurasia .   I remembered the sweet mohanam/bhoopali jugalbandi from the maestros   and instantly decided to recover it and make Mp3s.  My first problem was finding out a cassette player .After some search, I located an old Videocon cassette player.  Its power supply was faulty.. I was able to play the cassette  after 3 hours of hard labour.

Audacity was used to grab the tracks and convert it to mp3. The music is very much mellifluous.  Later ,   I searched   the Internet for  details about the volume.  It is  is listed on music india online. You listen to it here. I could not find any on line shops selling this particular volume.

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