New Antenna mast at VU2SWX

A new antenna mast was installed at VU2SWX  ham radio station. The Mast is approximately at a height of 18 meters from ground level. The following photographs show the installation.

Antanna base

The base of the mast.  It consists of 1.5m  2 inch GI pipe  fixed on  parapet. It is also  bolted to the side wall. The  bottom side is fixed on a concrete block.

Antanna base at vu2swx

Another view of the base.

top of the mast at vu2swx

The top  end of the mast. It has a pulley attached to a piece of pipe as shown.  Another piece of pipe was welded above the triangular piece to fix a VHF vertical dipole.

hooks on the mast for guy wire

The  hooks on the mast for guy wire. The actual mast is fabricated from 4 pieces of GI pipes. Each piece can be detached if needed.

Antenna  mast installation

Starting the installation. The installation was some what tricky. There is a power line near my house. So the  guy wire were attached to hooks so as to avoid  the possibility of any  electric shock.

Antenna mast

The mast  going up along with guy wires. The  guy wires were loosened as it went up.

Antenna mast fixing

Fixing the mast to the base.

Antenna mast  guy wires

It is going up.

Antenna mast installation

Fixing the base.

Antenna mast

It is almost there.

Antenna mast at vu2swx

A view of the mast.

Antenna mast at vu2swx

After the installation.

There are 4 guy wires. The guy wires are isolated  from ground via a piece  of PVC pipe  The guy wires were tied to  hooks on the terrace. There is a nylon rope on the pulley so that I can easily  mount an inverted V for HF bands.  I am yet to fix the antenna. Hopefully, I will be QRV by the  end of my vacation.

Update. 28th April 2009

My friend  OM VU3RDD wanted to look at  VU2SWX  mast for ideas  and a game plan for  a mast he is planning. So I have set up a picasa webalbum here.


  1. Wow !!!!
    I always wished we also did stuff like the westerners, we also documented it like them. Now I am seeing just that.

  2. Thanks Kenny. I overheard a neighbor’s remark to another ” This guy is really crazy”.

  3. Nice work Sunil ! Looks like you had a lot of Ham/SWL help !

    I would have preferred a wooden mast (I had one that I built from pieces of long scrapwood salvaged from sawmills near my QTH at Trivandrum – it is easy to make one and will last for a very long time). I hope that the antenna is away from nearby powerlines. 73 de salim vu2lid / n8li

  4. Nice job – both the antenna and documentation.

    Yes, as VU2LID said, I also would have preferred a woodern installation though my antenna (excluding the top portion of the mast) was also a GI pipe. One good solution for a mast is a good bamboo pole.

    Ramakrishnan VU3RDD

  5. That is is good.

    I am using 2 Element Quad for my FM Radio

    Some time I can get FM Station’s Kannur, Cochin & TN Side

    73’s good FM DX’ing

    Krish – VU3OCG

  6. The pictures explain a lot but you could write more on the steps that were undertaken to accomplish the task. Block diagrams and rough sketches could complement the write-up.

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