PIC 16F877 prototyping board – part 2

A low cost PIC 16F877 prototyping board is being developed at College of engineering Attingal under my guidance. The credit for develoment goes to Shibu and Manoj. The board is intended for classroom use. The idea is to provide a low cost platform for experimenting with PIC micro controllers. The proposed board will have easily attachable daughter boards for connecting various accessories such as key board, LEDs , switches etc. The board will be programmable via serial port through an ICSP programmer.

The first draft schematic of the board is give below. This board contains a PIC 16F877 and ICSP programmer interface. All ports of the PIC are available via FRC connectors.


The PCB pattern along with component lay out for building the board is shown below.


You can download a PCB pattern suitable for homebrewing can be found here.

We have just completed the first board and pictures of the same are provided below.

pic_prototype_board pic_protype_board1