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At JNTU Hyderabad for Prepare Future

February 16th, 2009

I am presently attending a 2 weeks training program  conducted by  CDAC Hyderabad  at JNTU. This  is 2 weeks faculty updation program named Prepare future. I am attending Linux internals and driver development under system software track.

The course syllabus looks pretty impressive as given below.

  • Introduction to Linux System Programming
  • Linux Architecture
  • Linux Shell
  • GNU Tool Chain (GCC, GDB, MAKE, GPROF & GCONV)
  • System Calls and Working with Files
  • Linux Environment
  • Process Management & IPC
  • POSIX Compliant Thread Programming
  • Socket Programming
  • Linux Kernel Programming and Module Programming
  • Character Drivers
  • Concurrency, Race Conditions & IOCTL
  • Timers & Character Drivers
  • Block Drivers & Network Drivers
  • Introduction to USB Drivers

The course started today with an introduction to Linux architecture, system calls and programming interface. There  was nothing new to me, but I enjoyed the lecture by Ms Lakshmi  as  it refreshed my ideas about several concepts.   The second session was an introduction to shell,gcc and make.  It was not  a perfect lecture and the inexperience of the faculty was quite visible.

The afternoon was spent in the lab., with exercises on gcc make and gdb.  The lab sessions are held on  OpenSuse. In fact I am using it for the first time. As a long time debian user I have some discomfort.May be I will catch up by tomorrow.

The interesting thing about the program is that I have an option to sit in the lab as long as I like.  I feel like I was in CUSAT computer science department.

There are nearly 15 other participants. Most of them are from research organisations like CDAC , DRDO and DOE.  Even though the course is for faculty updation  I don’t find many faculty members attending the training. ( I am the only one from Kerala.)

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