A working model of memoristor has been fabricated by a team of engineers at Hewlett-Packard. The memristor is an element in which the magnetic flux is a function of the accumulated electric charge in the device. In otherwords they have the ability to remember the amount of charge that has flowed through them. For the… Continue reading Memristor

Building a PIC 16F877 prototyping board-Part1 Programmer

I have been trying to develop a general purpose prototyping board for the Microchip PIC 16F877A . My aim is to build a board with the following features a) All ports and other on board devices must be easily taken out to a solderless bread board. b) In circuit serial programming. c) boot loader. d)… Continue reading Building a PIC 16F877 prototyping board-Part1 Programmer

Electronics forum

My ham radio licence has definitely rekindled my interest in electronics. While searching for some information I have come across the following forums. All of then are invaluable resource to home brewers. Electronics lab forum has some excellent howtos and construction ideas. They also have a resources forum where you can find… Continue reading Electronics forum