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Programming Linux

There is a good discussion on Tri(g)lug mail list after I posted this this.
Some of the arguments put forward by Mr. Kannan are convincing. I have to agree with him on the duration of the course . My idea is to give help to aspiring students. I was teaching a group of students from a leading engineering college last year. Most of them were slightly acquainted with Linux. The sequence given in my posting is a broad snap shot of what I taught. I have seen that those with a proper logic and some programming experience can migrate very easily.

Most of our engineering college teachers are still using Turbo C to teach C programming. So Their students will be suddenly at a loss if they see gcc. My idea is to remove this road block and help them to easily migrate. I think some of my old students are list members. I am sure that they will be able to shed more light on this aspect.