Category: Ham Radio

My First Contact on air

Finally I got my ham license on 7th November 2005. I checked into the trivand\rum City VHF net at 9.30 pm using the equipment kindly spared by VU2SXA. There\ were 4 people on the net: VU3BHU the net controller, vu2csb vu2lbm and myself.\ They were all excited about getting a new member to the community.
I am trying to configure echolink on wine. Also I am planning to buy a junk \VHF receiver.

Ham thrills

I am pretty excited about getting my ham ticket. I have been doing a lot of home work on principles of radio, antenna and propagation. I I bought a new Philips radio and fixed up a long wire as antenna on the terrace (my wife uses it to dry cloths too). I can hear lot of activity on 40 M, but most of them are in SSB. It seems very few hams uses AM in Kerala. I am planning to build a beat frequency oscilator tomorrow. Today i joined a hambrewers mail list. It also promises to be exciting.

Ham radio License

I had almost forgotten about my ham radio license. I wrote the examination at Trivandrum centre of WPC on 20th January 2004. I was expecting a license in 4 to 5 months time. But nothing happened for a long time. I thought something had gone wrong after reading Ramakrishnan’s experience about ham license in India . Fortunately, Sunu Sthaynathan came to learn Linux from me . It seems, he is a hardcore ham. He virtualy forced me to call up Mr. Irshad Ahemed at WPC Delhi. Mr.Ahamed today faxed me a letter stating that the ministry had decided to grant me a Grade 1 license back in 2004. It seems they sent some letter in November 2004. It has not reached me yet! I am sending all the particulars and demand draft towards license fee today and I hope I will be on the air soon.
By the way Ramakrishnan’s weblog is a wonderful source of information related to ham radio and debian.