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Bus Route Numbers Introduced in Trivandrum


For the benefit of tourists, the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation has introduced bus route numbers in Trivandrum. I spotted some buses proudly displaying their numbers today.
But I could not find the complete list of numbers anywhere on the Internet. The official website of KSRTC is nothing but trash. Look for Bangalore or Chennai bus route numbers on google . You will get plenty of information. You can even find applications which look up a route if you give the number like this . I don’t know how the route information in Trivandrum is going to propagate among people unless they publish the complete list.

The list of bus routes as appeared in a local news paper is provided below. I cant attest the authenticity. Happy Journey on City bus.:D

Bus Route Numbers in Trivandrum

Route no Destination Via route
111 Kovalam Beach , Thiruvallam, Pachallur
111A Kovalam Beach Bypass
111B Kovalam Beach Pallichal Venniyyoor,Panagode,Muttaykadu
115 Attukal temple Manakkadu Attukal
136 Venganoor Thiruvallam, Panangode
136A Venganoor Thiruvallam, Agricultural College,Peringamala
143 Peringamala Thiruvallam, Panangode,Venganoor
143A Peringamala Thiruvallam,Agricultural College
149 Vizhinjam Thiruvallam, Pachallor
149A Vizhinjam Thiruvallam,Venganoor
155 Veli Palayam ,Sanghumugham,Vettukadu
155A Veli Valiyathura,Sanghumugham,Vettukadu
155B Veli Palayam, Pettah, All Saints College ,Madhavapuram
151 Sanghumugham Palayam, Petta, All Saints College
151A Sanghumugham Valiyathura, airport
171 Puthenthope Palayam, Petta, All Saints ,Madhavapuram
171A Puthenthope Valiyathura,Sanghumugham,All Saints College
101 Airport Valiyathura
101B Airport Valiyathura, Sulaiman theruvu
161 Kochu Veli railway station Palayam Petta Chakka all saints college
175 Karikkakam Temple Palayam Chakka Byepass
175A Karikkakam Temple Palayam Petta Anayara Venpalavattom
105 Bheema palli Valiyathura
105A Bheema palli Mukkola
105B Bheema palli Kallumoodu
173 KIMS Palayam Petta Anayara Venpalavattom
555 Medical College Palayam Pattom
555A Medical College Palkulangara, Pallimukku Kannammola
555B Medical College Palayam ,Kannammola
511 Akkulam Palayam Pattom Ulloor Kesavadasapuram
511A Akkulam Palayam Pattom medical college
511B Akkulam Palayam Kannamoola Medical college
529 Engineering College Palayam Pattom Ulloor Kesavadasapuram Srikaryam Chavadimukku
529A Engineering College Palayam Pattom Ulloor Medical college
Srikaryam Chavadimukku
543 Chempazhanthi Palayam Pattom Ulloor Kesavadasapuram Srikaryam
543A Chempazhanthi Palayam Pattom Ulloor Kesavadasapuram Srikaryam Akkulam
543B Chempazhanthi Palayam Pattom Ullor medical College Srikaryam
551 Pothencode Palayam Pattom Ulloor Kesavadasapuram Srikaryam Paudikonam
552 Santhigiri Palayam Pattom Ullor Kesavadasapuram Srikaryam Pothencode
552A Santhigiri Palayam Pattom Ulloor Medical College Srikaryam Pothencode
581 kazhakkoottam Palayam Pattom Ulloor Kesavadasapuram Srikaryam Karyavattom
581A kazhakoottam Palayam Pattom Ulloor Kesavadasapuram Srikaryam Kulathoor
585 Kaniyapuram Palayam Pattom Ullor Kesavadasapuram Srikaryam Kazhakootam
585A Kaniyapuram Palayam Pattom Ulloor Kesavadasapuram Srikaryam Kazhakootam ChanthaVila
404 Peroorkada Palayam Vellayambalam Ambalamukku
404A Peroorkada Nanthancode
404B Peroorkada Sasthamangalam Paipinnoodu
421 Vellanadu Peroorkada karakkulam Erumba Aruvikkara
429 Aryanadu Palayam Vellayambalam Sasthamangalam Vattiyorrkavu nettayam
429B Aryanadu Jagathi Poojapura Peyadu Vilappilsala Uriyakode
434 Nedumangadu Palayam Vellayambalam Kavadiyar Peroorkada
477 Aruvikkara dam Palayam Vattiyoorkavu Nettyam
477A Aruvikkara dam Palayam Vellayambalam Kavadiyar Peroorkada Erumba
477B Aruvikkara dam Palayam Vellayambalam Kavadiyar Peroorkada karakulam Azhikode
493 Puliyarakonam Palayam Vellayambalam Sasthamangalam Vattiyorrkavu Vellaikadvu
493A Puliyarakonam Jagathi poojapura peyad
493B Puliyarakonam Palayalm Pangode thirumala Peyadu
197 Malayinkeezhu Karamana Pappanamkode Malayam
197M Malayinkeezhu Jagathi PeyaduKolachira
399 kattakada Palayam Bakery DPIThirumala Peyadu
399B kattakada Palayam Bakery Pangode Thirumala Peyadu
501 Vikas Bhavan Palayam
631 Vattapara Palayam Pattom Kesavadasapuram Mannathala
631A Vattapara Perrokada Kudappanakunnu Mukkola Kallayam
647 Venjaranmoodu Palayam Pattom Kesavadasapuram Mannathala Vattapara Vembayam
647A Venjaranmoodu Palayam Pattom Kesavadasapuram Mannathala Vettinadu Knochira Velavoor
647B Venjaranmoodu Palayam Pattom Kesavadasapuram Sreekaryam Paudikonam
191 Pappanamkode Karamana
299 Neyyattinkara Karamana Pappanamkode Pravachambalam Balaramapuram
299A Neyyattinkara Karamana Thirumala Peyad Malayinkeezhu Oorootambalam Vandannor perumpazhuthoor.
581B Kazhakuttom Palayam Pattom Medical College Ulloor Sreekaryam Kulathur
581C Kazhakuttom Palayam Kannamoola Medical College Sreekaryam Kulathur
581J Kazhakuttom Palayam Petta Anayara Bypass
585E Kaniyapuram Eenchakkal Bypass Technopark Kazhakuttom

How do they recruit teachers in Kerala

Today’s Hindu has an advertisement by Kerala public service commission for recruitment of High school teachers. The notification is available online at the commission’s website here

Here is the method of appointment” Recruitment by transfer from among the employees who have completed the 5 years of prescribed service and are working as  Clerk/ Typist/Attender/ Peon in Education Department.”

This is pretty ridiculous. If you join the education department as a Peon and some how attain a degree, you will become a teacher in 5 years.. I have seen this kind of academic degradation in Kerala’s polytechnic colleges.
For example, an 18 year old guy( somehow he passed the high school) is recruited as a watcher or gardener in a polytechnic . He will join a part time ITI ( certificate) course and complete it in 3 to five years depending on his intellectual capacity. The pubic service commission will appoint him a tradesman after some 5 years of glorious service( Here again a notification will come which will select from among peons or gardeners only). Then he will try to get a Diploma in engineering( may be by correspondence or from Tamilnadu). If he gets his Diploma in another five years, he becomes an assistant lecturer( again recruitment among peons/tradesman etc). Then he joins a part time BTech course. Another 5 years he will become a lecturer ( again closed recruitment among assistant lecturers). This process goes on and by the time he retires at the age of 55 , our poor gardener will be heading a teaching deparment. I can point out several such cases.
I am not against people building their careers. But here , a certain percentage of posts are reserved for such people and they need not compete with other outstanding guys outside education department. They become teachers by virtue of being a peon or an attender in a school.
I pity the future generation. May be I will have to teach them multiplication table when they reach our college.
Finally, please take a close look at the notification shown above. The public service commission has floated a short “tender ” for recruitment of teachers. I thought tenders and quotations are for purchase of materials by Government departments . My guess is that the under secretary who drafted the above tender might have been selected from among gardeners peons etc. 😀

More historical stuff

Today I had the opportunity to visit some of the buildings which used to house the College of Engineering Trivandrum in world war 2 era. I
thought it will be nostalgic for many of the old timers to see their
laboratories again. These building are located behind PMG. They are
being used as go down by Government of Kerala. (My photography is pretty bad, I know.)

An old map of Travancore

Travancore old mapI was trying to clean up my hard disk. I found out this old map of Travancore. I had scanned it from the annual report of the State of Travancore.( 1940 , if my memory is correct.). It is very interesting to see the old routes , places and how the landscape of Kerala has changed over the past 70 years. Here is a high resolution image, in case you need it.

FM war in Trivandrum

We , radio freaks in Trivandrum, had only one FM station till last week. Suddenly the FM band is abuzz with whole lot of activity. Today , I could tune the following stations.

Frequency Station
101.9 Ananthapuri FM
98.3 Radio Mirchi
94.3 Club FM
93.4 SFM
92.7 Big FM
( Frequency updated on 29th May 2008 , Big Thanks to Roy for pointing out the mistake).
The stations come with crystal clear stereo. I have been listening to them for the past 2 days. The program content is same in all the new stations.
I used to do a lot of FM dxing in the past. We can access lot of FM channels if you can put an external antenna. I have received kannur FM station and several SriLankan stations on my Philips Radio. I am writing a separate article on FM dxing .