Bus Route Numbers Introduced in Trivandrum

For the benefit of tourists, the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation has introduced bus route numbers in Trivandrum. I spotted some buses proudly displaying their numbers today. But I could not find the complete list of numbers anywhere on the Internet. The official website of KSRTC is nothing but trash. Look for Bangalore or Chennai… Continue reading Bus Route Numbers Introduced in Trivandrum

How do they recruit teachers in Kerala

Today’s Hindu has an advertisement by Kerala public service commission for recruitment of High school teachers. The notification is available online at the commission’s website here Here is the method of appointment” Recruitment by transfer from among the employees who have completed the 5 years of prescribed service and are working as  Clerk/ Typist/Attender/ Peon… Continue reading How do they recruit teachers in Kerala

FM war in Trivandrum

We , radio freaks in Trivandrum, had only one FM station till last week. Suddenly the FM band is abuzz with whole lot of activity. Today , I could tune the following stations. Frequency Station 101.9 Ananthapuri FM 98.3 Radio Mirchi 94.3 Club FM 93.4 SFM 92.7 Big FM ( Frequency updated on 29th May… Continue reading FM war in Trivandrum