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One day workshop on Re-mastering Live Cds

April 2nd, 2009

I am planning to conduct a  one day workshop on re-mastering Ubuntu CDs on 25th of April 2009. The  agenda for the workshop will be

1)  Exploring the ubuntu Live CD
i) isolinux – How it works  Config files.
Customizing  boot splash and  boot messages.
ii) Casper Directory –
What is squashfs How to  mount it
iii) Other files

2) Building an Ubuntu CD from scratch
i) Requirements
ii)  Build  CD
iii) Test it with virtual box
iv) Unpacking an existing Live CD
v) Adding additional applications .

3)   Automating Re mastering
i) Remaster sys
ii) Reconstructor
iii) Miscellaneous topics. Usplash
4) Building a USB boot disk and carrying your distro

If you are interested   in attending,  email me.

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