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Learning with NPTEL

The national program of technology enhanced learning (NPTEL) is  an initiative of the Government of India to provide quality educational material to engineering students . The site has several video tutorials for various engineering subjects.  However, the site is not very popular among Indian students. I have been trying to promote it among my students and colleagues for quite some time as  a source of quality material. But, the response is not very encouraging.

The videos are hosted on youtube.   The complete playlist is here.  There are several course  suitable for electronics /computer science  students. Some of the so called “difficult” subjects are lucidly explained by senior professors.  I have recomended  the digital signal processing course by Prof. S C Dutta Roy as supplimentary  material to my students.

If you want to view the courses offline, you can download it form youtube using youtube-dl. The youtube  videos are in flash (.flv) format. Softwares such as ffpeg can be used to convert them to your favorite format.

2 thoughts on “Learning with NPTEL

  1. Hi sir!!

    The videos are really nice, many of the concepts are explained really well by the professors
    thanks a lot for providing the link…….

    BTW the youtube-dl link is not working

    there’s another way to download the videos….

    go to and paste the link of the video there…….

    one could download it in normal .flv format or in good quality .mp4 format

  2. hi sir,
    i very much agree to what mr.ashutosh had said.the youtube dl does not work efficiently,but has worked very well.
    i with my friends in my hostel download the videos and in a less time get access to the most knowledgeable lectures.

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