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Building Bitx Part3 – The linear Amplifier

November 25th, 2008 Comments off

  I built the bitx 20  linear(PA) last week end. My first build of the PA was done on the bitx transceiver board itself.  It done in dead bug style.  When i switched on the power the PA oscillated. I  read several posts on the mailing list and tried some adjustments. Still it was oscillating. Finally, i decides to shift the PA to a separate board and shield it.

The following pictures show how i did wire up th PA.


 Chips of PCB  fixed to a 3’x3.5′ board. The board is divided into two compartments with a piece of aluminum which also serves as heat sink for IRF 510.

 The IRF 510 wired. Since the heat sink is grounded, the drain of the IRF 510 MOSFET was shielded using a mica washer.

 The wiring is almost complete.

  The PA attached to my bitx board.  The oscillation have stopped now. But the power output seems to be low. I am waiting for the next weekend :D)

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3 day training program at academic staff college

November 24th, 2008 Comments off

I was  teaching  computers to   music college teachers  for the past 3 days in connection with a training program organized at academic staff college,University of Kerala. Here are some snaps of the program.

The course was organized to improve awareness of music college faculty about the opportunities offered by new generation technologies. There were classes on recording techniques ,Sound engineering Internet
technologies etc. Beside myself Sri.Pradip Somasundaran and Dr. Achchut Shankar took classes.  The course was coordinated by Dr. Madhu Vasudevan from Maharaja’s College Ernakulam. It was a very enjoyable experience for me and my interest in music has  been rekindled by the event.

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November 14th, 2008 Comments off

Freedomwalk is a novel initiative  for popularizing  Free  Software in Kerala. The freedom walkers reached our college yesterday. We organized a small function welcoming the walkers. Here are some snaps of the function.

freedom walk reaches college of engineering Attingal Trivandrum

freedom walk reaches college of engineering Attingal Trivandrum

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Photos of inaguration of VU2CLU

November 3rd, 2008 1 comment

VU2CLU is a ham radio station set up at the Kerala State science and technology Museum. The main purpose is to popularize ham radio  among general public.  The station has  several commercial and home brewed equipments for demonstration.

The official inauguration of the station was done by Honorable Minister of  education Government of Kerala on 29th October 2008. Around 30 hams participated in the event.


VU2ITI operating and VU2MHM Looking on.

Another view of  the station

Main building of Kerala State Science and Technology Museum

Sri. M A  Baby Honorable Minister inaugurating  VU2CLU

Sri M A Baby inspecting the station

VU2ITI and VU2SWX explaining the  operation

VU2ITI and VU2SWX explaining the  operation

VU2ITI and VU2SWX explaining the  operation

Minister  looking at the exhibits

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