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The Charm of Old School

April 30th, 2006 Comments off

Today I visited the shack of OM VU2JN and helped him with configuring his Debian GNU/Linux. This is third time I am meeting him, even though we have corresponded for some time . I am pretty impressed with his shack and his old school methods. He is around 70 and still one of the finest geek I have ever met. He has a triple boot machine which runs dos, widows98 and Debian GNU Linux. His hardware is Pentium 233 with 64mb ram. Some of the programs he uses reminded me of my own early adventures with computers,especially of digger . I am sure of one thing, he is more comfortable with command line than GUI . I installed echolink under wine and introduced him to icewm.
He has a lot of homebrew equipment lying around, I have promised him to help him further.
Also , I found out that he has good interests in classical music. I have given him my entire music collection.
He presented me a copy of MS Subbalakshmi’s classic movie “Meera”.

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